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The Most Common Healthcare Worker Injuries 

When it comes to risky and challenging jobs, those in the healthcare field rank near the top of the list. Unfortunately, hospital employee injuries range from minor cuts and contusions to more serious broken bones, internal injuries, and TBIs (traumatic brain injuries).

You have rights if you are injured on the job in a hospital or another healthcare setting. One right is to recover compensation for the injuries and losses you suffer. The best way to ensure you receive the compensation and benefits you are entitled to is by contacting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for assistance. 

Here you can learn more about the common injuries healthcare workers are at risk for, which may help you avoid this fate. 

Musculoskeletal Injuries 

The type of work that many healthcare workers do is both mentally and physically demanding. In fact, healthcare workers are seven times more likely to develop musculoskeletal injuries than workers in other industries. 

The healthcare professionals that are most at risk for musculoskeletal injuries include nurses and paramedics. The main reason for this is that these individuals are involved with direct patient handling during transfers and rescues. 


Most healthcare workers are always on the move. Because of this, they are at risk for slips and falls, which can cause fractures. Additionally, fractures may occur if a violent patient attacks a worker. 

Back Injuries 

The nature of the work that healthcare professionals do involves all types of heavy lifting, quick movements, twisting, and bending. This can result in back injuries, such as slipped discs and chronic pain. 

Transferring patients from one place to another requires workers to rotate, flex different body parts, and contort into non-neutral postures. This can put quite a bit of stress on the spinal cord and back muscles. 

Incisions and Cuts

Individuals who work in the healthcare industry know that needles, surgical instruments, and other sharp tools are just a part of the job. Unfortunately, even slight mishandling or mistakes can cause incisions and cuts. These injuries are also at a higher risk of infection due to the work setting. 


The healthcare worker that is most at risk for burn injuries is paramedics. This is because they may rescue patients from accidents and emergencies. In many cases, fire plays a role in these incidents. 

Blood Borne Diseases and Infections 

Healthcare facilities are where sick people go for treatment. It only makes sense that there would be germs and bacteria. Even with strict and stringent cleaning policies, there is no way to eliminate all risks all the time. 

Healthcare workers are at risk of exposure to airborne microorganisms and blood-borne infections if they have open wounds and cuts. This also puts them at risk of developing more serious diseases like HIV or hepatitis. 

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation as a Healthcare Worker

As you can see from the information here, those who work in hospitals or the healthcare industry are at risk for serious injuries. These injuries can be very serious and even life-threatening in some situations. 

You should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you are injured on the job. They can review the facts of your case and help you recover the benefits you are entitled to. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation and create a plan to proceed with your claim.