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The Importance of Legal Consultant in Acquisition Process

Many factors are considered in making an acquisition. One of them requires a professional such as a legal consultant. Basically a consultant has skills in analyzing and calculating what are the important aspects of a company acquisition transaction whether it leads to profit or loss. Acquisition terms must be understood intent and purpose, which must be discussed in detail by both parties. After that, the legal due diligence process is carried out. In addition, in corporate cooperation in the form of acquisitions, it is also possible for a lot of problems to occur. The following is the role of the Legal Consultant in the Acquisition process:

Legal Consultant

The legal consultant will act as an advisor

The legal consultant will provide input in the form of suggestions or criticism after assessing the financial condition and records of the target company with the aim of determining the next steps to be taken. The aim is none other than to ensure that the company gets the best acquisition deal and also to avoid the risk of loss.

The legal consultant will act as the drafter.

Drafter is the meaning of drafting or planning. This means that in this case a legal adviser will assist the acquisition process as a drafter for every type of legal documentation such as contract agreements, requirements sheets, validation sheets, which can be carried out by a professional legal consultant with the aim of forming a good and correct text.

The legal consultant will become a negotiator

The negotiator is someone who carries out the negotiation process. Meanwhile, negotiation is a process of bargaining between two parties to reach a mutual agreement. So that a straight line can be drawn, in this case a legal consultant will be someone who becomes a liaison between one party and another in the acquisition process.

Things to Pay Attention to by Legal Consultants in Acquisitions

In addition to understanding in the field of law, a consultant in the acquisition process also has competence in analyzing from an economic and business perspective in the implementation of acquisitions. A legal consultant indirectly must also understand a number of things such as regulations related to acquisitions. A legal consultant will also provide consideration from a competition perspective.