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104–193, §§ 314, 395, substituted “income” for “wages” in two places and “a noncustodial parent” for “an absent mother or father”. 104–193, § 395, , substituted “a noncustodial father or mother give security” for “an absent parent give security” and “noncustodial parent of the proposed action” for “absent parent of the proposed motion”. 104–193, § 395, substituted “noncustodial mother or father’s” for “absent parent’s”. 104–193, § 301, substituted “in another case” for “in the case of overdue support which a State has agreed to collect beneath section 654 of this title”. 104–193, § 395, , substituted “a noncustodial father or mother” for “an absent parent” and substituted “noncustodial mother or father” for “absent mother or father” in two places.

to referring to administrative enforcement in interstate circumstances. 109–171, § 7302, in introductory provisions, substituted “parent or” for “parent, or,” and struck out “upon the request of the State company beneath the State plan or of both mother or father,” after “underneath part A,”. in a State during which orders are issued by courts or administrative tribunals, a case could also be transferred between native jurisdictions in the State without want for any … Read More