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Generally, spouses and shut household obtain higher shares, and each man will obtain twice the share of a woman of the same relational level. All property remaining after the deductions made above fall underneath faraid and have to be distributed accordingly, subject to any will that the deceased might have.

law certificate

Process Of Administering The Deceased’s Property

Depending on the persons the deceased has left behind, a portion of the property could also be left to BaitulMal, which is a fund administered by the MUIS. If an individual passes away with out leaving any heirs, all his property will go to BaitulMal. The division of assets beneath faraid typically covers persons related by blood to the deceased, and the spouse of the deceased.


With effect from 1 October 2017, the AMLA makes no distinction between how a spouse’s property and a husband’s estate are administered. If the deceased had provided for any of his faraid beneficiaries in his will, then the related portion of the desire is invalid until all the other faraid beneficiaries agree that it’s valid. The deceased could only will away as much as a third of his estate after the deductions above have been made. The deceased could have written a will, or wassiyat/wasiat, to distribute some part of his property. The will must be, following part 6 of the Wills Act, in writing and signed by the deceased and two different witnesses.

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