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Important Things to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

The main key so that the negative impact of divorce on children can be suppressed is to maintain the habits and daily activities of children. That is, parents should try not to change too many things in the child’s life. Especially regarding the affection of both parents, even though they have decided to separate. Here are things that shouldn’t change much when parents get divorced:


The most important thing that must not change is the giving of love from father and mother to their children. c parents should still give love to their children. Do not let the father or mother divorce after giving less love to the child. Give children the love of children as it should and as when parents divorce. And if the child’s age is considered to be an adult or can be considered quite understanding or understanding, it can slowly provide an explanation that the mother and father have divorced with an explanation that can be understood by the child.

In addition, if in the case of divorce the child is still small or a toddler and a father actually leaves his child and tends to neglect. What the mother has to do is to continue to give love to the child and to avoid losing the figure of a father to the child. Mother can provide a substitute for a father figure such as grandfather, uncle to give love from a father. Although it is not like a father, but it can help the child’s development so as not to lose the figure of a father.


After a divorce, the parenting pattern given to the child should not change much, instead what must be done is to provide comfort to the child. Do not let after the divorce parents fight over child custody and cause discomfort for the child. If the child is still small, the mother should continue to take care of it and when the child is older, then the child is given the freedom to choose who will go with the father or mother. And this is in accordance with the legislation as well as religious advice, especially Islam.

Divorce Process Must Be Good Way

And what is no less important is how the divorce process carried out by parents is good or tends to be bad who both hold grudges. This should also be avoided for the sake of the child’s future development. Because it will affect the attitude of each parent towards treating children. Do not let the child who will be affected badly by this.