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How to Avoid Company Bankruptcy

No one in this world wants to go bankrupt. But this kind of risk is unavoidable again. Especially for those of you who work as entrepreneurs. Dahlan Iskan, a businessman who once served as Minister even said that the businessman must experience bankruptcy. Why so?

Like a turning point, sometimes bankruptcy is the most powerful fuel to forge someone stronger. When you open a business and fail, you will be faced with two choices: give up and throw away your dream of success or get back up and achieve more success than before.

So, how can bankruptcy become fuel that pumps enthusiasm to fight again instead of becoming a deadly poison? Check out the following steps!

Accept the Situation with an Open Heart

Even though it sounds cliché, this is an important thing to do when bankruptcy strikes. Instead of blaming circumstances, yourself and those around you, admit mistakes that have occurred. This will make it easier for you to think clearly in taking the next step.

Remember, accepting the situation does not mean just surrender. Like already tangled in tangled threads, this is the right time to ‘cut’ all the problems and replace the threads with new ones. Quickly … Read More

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How to Understand How Collateral Bonds Work

Every country understands how bail bonds work, which give someone accused of a crime the chance to get out of prison until they are tried. Different states provide different types of coverage options, but the basic principles are the same in each system. The following is how to understand how a guarantee bonds work:

Bonds Work

Learn the basic terms.

Guarantees are money or other goods deposited or promised to the court to persuade the judge to release the accused from prison, with the understanding that the accused will return to court for trial. A bail refers to a promise made by a defendant or someone’s guarantor who promises to pay the defendant to the court for loss of bail if the defendant does not return.

Wait for the judge to set bail.

The aim of the bail arrangement is to ensure that the accused appears at trial without having to detain the accused. The bail amount has to be high enough so that the defendant won’t simply lose the bail amount and disappear. Many courts set bail amounts for each offence, though judges may deviate from those guidelines for good purposes.

Post bail in court or jail.

After the judge … Read More