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How to Overcome Family Problems During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the triggers for problems in the family. Then how to solve it? The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the triggers for problems in the family. The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the triggers for problems in the family. If not addressed, this family problem can lead to divorce. According to Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, family problems that arise during a pandemic usually start from unresolved problems.

When there are unfinished problems, such as unfinished homework, plus the burden during a heavy pandemic, the problem will get bigger. Unresolved problems can trigger various other problems in the household, such as anger, violence, to divorce. The National Population and Family Planning Agency survey found 2.5 percent of families vent their anger at home.

Data from the Directorate General of the Religious Courts of the Supreme Court also shows that divorce cases in Java have increased from less than 20 thousand cases in April-May this year, to more than 57,000 cases in June-July. So that problems in the family do not damage the household and lead to divorce, there are several preventive steps that can be taken. Here’s how to deal with family problems during the Covid-19 … Read More

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More Ways to Reduce the Impact of Divorce on Children

What makes a person try to stay in a marriage even though it hurts? Usually, it is the child who is the parent’s consideration whether a divorce can be taken or trying to make peace and accept the partner’s shortcomings. The thought of the trauma that may be experienced by the child, the incompleteness of the family that makes the child sad, or the social consequences that are still experienced by many in Indonesia are the biggest fears for couples who will divorce.

However, surviving in a household that is not harmonious is not always the best choice because even children are not happy to witness the disagreements of their parents. If finally divorce must occur, how to reduce the impact of divorce on children?

1. Stop fighting

The bigger negative impact on the child is not the divorce status of his parents, but the fights he sees every day. It could be that divorce actually makes children relieved because they feel more at peace without seeing the people they love hurt each other. So, even if you and your ex-spouse are divorced, avoid getting into arguments in front of your kids because you’ll both be the parents of your … Read More

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Child Custody After Divorce, Who Has the Right?

According to the Article on Child Protection “Child is a person who is not yet 18 (eighteen) years old, including children who are still in the womb.” Basically, every child’s rights are guaranteed and protected so that they can live, grow, develop, and participate optimally in accordance with human dignity and protection from violence and discrimination, as stated in the Articles of the Child Protection Law.

In the Child Protection Law, the term “custodial power” is known, namely the power of parents to nurture, educate, maintain, foster, protect, and develop children according to their religion and abilities, talents, and interests. As for what is meant by parents, according to this law are biological father and/or mother, or father and/or stepmother, or adoptive father and/or mother.

This means, as long as the parents are still alive, those who have the right and have custody are the parents of the child. This rule is emphasized in the Articles of the Child Protection Law which reads: (1) Every child has the right to know their parents, to be raised, and to be cared for by their own parents. (2) In the event that for some reason the parents cannot guarantee the growth and … Read More

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High 10 Schools For Joint Regulation Degree Applications

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joint degree

Usually, joint honours degrees have larger necessities for entry than a single honours diploma, requiring the approval of each departments involved. The two subjects are then taken on the same levels and at the academic standards as those taking either topic as a single honours major. In some circumstances, college students would have considerably extra final year project work and could possibly be examined on this by both departments in question. Many British universities now have a dedicated Centre for Joint Honours Degrees which assists students with timetable structuring, and so forth. A restricted variety of double levels exist in Denmark and Italy as they require skilled and extremely motivated students to keep up with the rigorous curriculum of finding out two Master stage levels simultaneously. Each 12 months three extremely competitive spots are offered for college students to use for a Double Degree in the Management of Innovation and Technology between CBS and Bocconi. The three candidates from every college will then spend a yr at each establishment followed by a compulsory internship at one of the corporate partners affiliated with the programme.

In India, built-in dual degree programs – bachelor’s diploma and master’s degree in 5 … Read More

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Proof Of Loss Is Completely Different Under Louisiana Legislation

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How Much Is Your Michigan Auto Accident Case Price?

Managed Care – Most people are acquainted with HMOs and their requirements for preauthorization for providers, referrals and seeing in-community doctors. Now, the same kind of managed care is on the market by way of PIP medical advantages protection. The Student Health Insurance staff is here to make sure you have all the knowledge needed to make the best choice about your health care coverage needs. Total insurable worth is the worth of property, inventory, gear, and business earnings lined in an insurance coverage coverage. Actual money value is the most common commonplace for determining the quantity of insurance coverage wanted, the quantity of loss to be paid, and the amount upon which any coinsurance or similar requirement shall be based.

However, the term “insurance coverage legislation” normally refers to the regulation surrounding non-public insurance coverage. The commonest kinds of private insurance coverage are medical insurance, car liability insurance coverage, house owner’s insurance, life insurance, title insurance coverage, and malpractice insurance coverage.

In order to grasp insurance coverage legislation, it is useful to grasp insurance coverage first. Insurance is a contract by … Read More

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Pros and Cons of Tracking a Cheating Husband’s Phone

Suspecting a spouse of infidelity can be emotionally challenging. If you’re considering tracking their phone for evidence, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons while considering the emotional, legal, and ethical aspects.

How to Track a Cheating Husband’s Phone


Evidence Gathering: Tracking your spouse’s phone can provide concrete evidence of infidelity, helping you make informed decisions about your relationship.

Confirming Suspicions: It can either confirm suspicions or dispel them, clarifying the situation without adding further trust issues if handled delicately.

Safety: In cases of potential domestic violence, tracking a spouse’s phone can provide valuable information for ensuring safety by knowing their whereabouts.


Privacy Invasion: Tracking a phone without consent violates privacy and can damage trust, potentially leading to legal consequences and emotional fallout.

Legal Implications: In many jurisdictions, tracking a phone without consent is illegal and may weaken your legal case regarding your relationship.

Relationship Damage: Even if infidelity is confirmed, tracking your spouse’s phone can irreparably damage the relationship, leading to breakdowns in communication and further strife.

Misinterpretation of Data: Emotional reactions can lead to misinterpretations of tracking data, potentially causing unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings.

Ethical Considerations:

Respecting Privacy: Before tracking a spouse’s phone, it’s essential … Read More